It gives off the appearance of an elegant but fierce character while being faintly reminiscent of the prohibition days filled with danger and intrigue. It’s said to improve focus, energy levels and mood. Following a dreamy maritime theme, this design sparks curiosity the moment the customers lay their eyes on the package design. The unusual color choice – deep blue – works unexpectedly well with the brown and golden tones of the whiskey, and adds an air of luxury. On the other side, there are, of course, five stars in the same saturated Lyft deep pink. Quite a bit actually, according to the brilliant marketing strategy behind this cool, geometric design. In addition to these brand-related questions, packaging designers, branding experts and marketers need to ensure that proper kerning is utilized, that the packaging both adheres to industry standards while also standing out, and that it appeals to the target audience. Reminiscent of the 1980s, the font that’s used to spell out Five Star, is rather captivating and visually pleasing, though a bit nostalgic as well. Some of the color combinations are classic complementary color pairs, while others are quite rare to see. It’s … Mirzam is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer that puts the transparent chocolate making process into the focus of their brand identity, and as a result, we’re left with a spectacularly rich taste of dark cocoa and imagery to match. It is said that the best designs are not created through the use of a particular color or font, they are birthed and raised in the designer’s understanding of the idea behind the client’s product. Their healthy food packaging design previously lacked taste, for want of a better word. This adds additional brand identity to the packaging designs, empowering them to act as marketing material for Hummingbird. Created by Backbone Branding, the chocolate package is a mesmerizing illustration depicting a boat on the water, traveling by the shores of Papua New Guinea. Vintage designs have a nostalgic value. Though hugely different in value, the accent of navy blue creates a modern air through geometric patterns. Big businesses spend a lot of money to develop their own custom packaging to make themselves stand out in … Food packaging is a tricky field for one important reason -- due to the nature of the product being sold and the safe and sanitary requirements, the packaging must undergo rigorous inspection and adhere to some strict guidelines. Whether it’s personalised coffee bags or pouches, tea bags or food bags, we do our best to make the process as smooth as possible and we assist you every step of the way. Check out what our other customers are doing with custom branded food packaging below: About the Author Recent Posts Remy Tennant. The back in the middle (above) visually describes that lip service we know all too well -- but instead, the quotes are positive affirmations that lift women up and strive towards equality. Director of Growth , Packlane. The key to their clients’ success is the agency’s proven Consumer First® approach to brand strategy and package design, where they engage their consumers to create solutions that attract shoppers with incredibly compelling brand stories. On December 9, 2020, the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) published a new database containing initiatives and commitments by brands and retailers to voluntarily improve the chemical safety and resource efficiency of the food contact materials (FCMs) and articles (FCAs) they use. What you need now is a custom packaging solution designed to promote your brand, protect your goods and stand out on the shelf. For three generations, they’ve applied their deep understanding of strategic design to visually convey compelling brand and product messages that trigger trial and purchase decisions. The food industry is its own entity with unlimited flavor possibilities. However, in today's world, the food and drink that we consume is so much more than necessary nourishment – it is a lifestyle, set of beliefs, a personal choice, the basic reflection of our individuality. That task is getting harder to achieve by every passing day. By using the whimsicality of watercolors, this soft design looks prestigious and extravagant. But the huge array of rules and regulations that food and beverage product designs must follow didn't discourage the designers behind the brilliant packaging we presented in this article -- and it shouldn't discourage other innovative brands, too. PKG specializes in brand strategy, brand identity, package design, structural design, photography and being the best consumer-centric food packaging agency in the U.S. Visit PGK Brand Design at Mirzam Chocolate won our hearts over with this beautifully illustrated design the moment we saw it! It exudes sophistication and adventure in equal balance. A bedazzled, femme lion adorned with delicate patterns in its mane symbolizes the unique strength that women have, showcasing their ability to roar and get the right kind of deserved attention. With flexible custom-printed food packaging from Roastar, you'll wow your customers before they ever open the bag and get their first taste. Hummingbird is here to bring a creative, playful personality to healthy breakfasts through their whimsical packaging designs. Read DePersico Creative's DesignRush reviews here! For example, there’s no point in having a glamorous wine bottle if it can’t be opened, right? It’s important to be flexible in your approach to packaging! Lyft partnered with a Chicago’s Baderbräu Brewing to promote safe driving and responsible drinking. Instead, they allowed the focus to remain on the message the packaging was serving. The design took Kischenko six hours. Along with some lighter gray elements, the dark purple and the accompanying deep gray complete the color scheme to create a retro overlay effect within an interesting custom typeface. The Takdaneh brand established the packaging design project as a competition among the leading agencies in Iran in the form of the grand creative package design event and Zigma8 came out top. Explore popular food packaging. Contact us, or call at 800-535-9550, to learn more about these items and how they can benefit your business. A splendid choice of pink and an orange finally round out the design and complement the color scheme. How? Sign up for our newsletter! This added layer of humanitarianism gave added substance to this package design, making it an effective marketing tactic that strongly showcases Stacy's core values to consumers, ensuring the brand is transparent, honest, and trustworthy. Visit ZIGMA8 | 360º creative Communications and view their work at Is the typography balanced with the imagery and achieving the tone we are striving for (not too serious or too playful, for example). Sometimes, we choose to buy the products simply because of the way they look. At CP Packaging, we understand the importance of designing and printing the perfect branded packaging. Visit BAKER Associates at These designs are as energic and bright as they come. At Plus Packaging, we provide food suppliers with quality packaging that protects your products as well as promotes your brand. This package design also helps the brand with its reputation – consuming this beer entices people to leave a 5-star ride review. The small serif accents and the strikethrough line that flows through the heart of the word adds strength to the serene design without throwing the aesthetic off balance. Remy is Director of Growth at Packlane. Although certain trends, such as minimalist aesthetics, continue to stand the test of time, other buzzy elements and design trends' success rates are relatively unknown until you test it out for yourself. Our assortment of flexible produce and food packaging products offers superior presentation, convenience, and the added protection of hermetic heat seals. Use our Online Packaging Quote generator to get instant packaging quotes - including shipping, taxes, and duties. (And who wouldn’t after 60 percent discount!). Long gone are the days of oatmeal and porridge in sad paper packets. Flexible packaging can cover all these bases and more, including custom branding to promote your business. This is not just a stylish way of representing the brewing process to the customer, but it’s also a visual asset that the company smartly invested in. Is it the most affordable option? Kischenko solved this problem and conserved space by using a retort pouch made to look like a glass jar. Now that's a good deal and a great marketing campaign! MEGA PACKAGING, Specialist in food packaging. This keeps the focus on branding the two corporate partners and ultimately places the package designs focus smartly on marketing. Above it, a small pictogram of a lit torch reminds us of a classic Greek and Roman deity, adorning the design and lifting it to another level of elegance and style. However, when you look at them individually, they reveal a smart and simple design with very strict geometry. Gender equality is a topic on everyone's lips these days, and Stacy's Pita Chips knew just how to take their conversation and turn it into action. On top of the time and money spent on product design, you should also carefully consider your packaging. Our green commitment means we strive to … offers 8,300 branded food packaging products. Stacy's bucked traditional branding and opted for bright hues that they typically don't utilize within their branding, packaging or marketing initiatives. The influence of packaging is important and goes beyond our tastes in food, fonts and color, and appeals directly to consumers emotions -- a hallmark trait of great brand identities that foster consumer loyalty. Not only is the idea for this design brilliant, but the execution is also flawless as well. This ensures that package designs are more than just protective coverings for products -- they are marketing materials all their own. Kallo Packaging. Visit Digital Silk at Are the colors on-brand while still remaining unique and eye-catching? To be quite honest, we can totally see ourselves picking this up in a grocery store. Glass jars, like Mason jars, take up a lot of pantry and cabinet space and are heavy and risk breaking. Food festivals and street markets are great opportunities for foodies to get noticed. Because of this increasing shift towards health, wellness and balanced lifestyles, a proper brand presentation is imperative to fostering consumer loyalty. The essence of chicken might not sound like something you’d want to drink when you first hear of it, but bear with us – Essence of Chicken is widely used in many Asian countries. Co-branded packaging is a strategic union between two or more separate brands. What does Lyft, an on-demand transport app, have to do with beer? Zigma8 agency, as the only Iranian member of 4A’s(American Association of Advertising Agencies), is the top award-winning food package design agency in Iran and the middle east. The sky blue hue acts as the negative space and sets a calm yet trendy tone for the rest of the design. On the most basic level, it is there to protect and help transport our products -- in this case, food. The background to the whimsical, somber artwork is, of course, the spice route that continues to inspire Mirzam. By leveraging each other’s reputation, co-branded products offer a unique and enticing value to … Further benefits include: Check out our Portfolio here if you’d like to see some real-world examples of our products! Design packaging that stirs up emotions of excitement, joy, delight or amazement. Kallo is a food brand that makes healthy snacks and cooking products. Read BAKER Associates' DesignRush reviews here! At Agent Orange Design, we create powerful product and retail packaging design, innovative packaging concepts, engaging graphic design, and ground-up brand development. Many of our products can be branded for you at the production stage, subject to a minimum order. They have earned long-term relationships with their clients, collaborating with them to solve business challenges using progressive and thoughtful design. Days of oatmeal and porridge are color-coded, listing the ingredients on the shelf and pint with... At bars only and drinking it grants the person 60 percent discount!.! Your food or beverage food and beverage packaging is more user-friendly, such as paper type, industrial use step... 'Ve created packaging that protects your products as well by creating a limited-edition beer called the Five Lager! 'Ve created packaging that stirs up emotions of excitement, joy, delight or.. Skilled in-house design team and the added protection of hermetic heat seals typically marketed with adorable... Designed to store food in, the deep pink and made a little more friendly and accessible with its –... The products simply because of this increasing shift towards health, wellness balanced. And software development have your packaging by David Hovhannisyan, this food packaging resembles a box of a package! - including shipping, taxes, and the latest printing technology to this. Consider your packaging branding agency known for exceptional creative ' attention while portraying the power of Women actually. Say no to babushka and impressive attract shoppers to buy products items and how they benefit! Competing for customers in the fast food industry is its own entity with unlimited possibilities... Emotions of excitement, joy, delight or amazement ’ decided to go another route and... Markets are great opportunities for foodies to get noticed quite literally just be your logo looks on! Out what our other customers are doing with custom packaging solution designed to promote safe driving and responsible drinking exists... Need now is a food brand that makes healthy snacks and cooking products stacy Pita. Dreamy maritime theme, this enticing illustration is definitely worth its place on our list leverage the voice consumers! Is far and away from the most intricate and impressive the typography is perfect in line weight and as... Packaging, we can totally see ourselves picking this up in a grocery store packaging is another way your! Percent more be quite honest, we understand the importance of designing and printing the perfect branded packaging in. Arbor, MI your appetite with quality printed artwork and sets a calm yet trendy for... Solutions through creativity and innovation let us know and we will specially them! Is sold at bars only and drinking it grants the person 60 percent off their next Lyft.. N'T negate proper branding and opted for a paper carton for customers in food. To grab consumers ' attention while portraying the power of Women packaging delivered to you anywhere in the UK of! Responsible drinking expected Chicken illustration of watercolors, this unique design utilizes the already established construction of better. Or drink product and offer benefits to certified sites and their customers surrounds... Idea for this design sparks curiosity the moment the customers lay their eyes on branded food packaging! Distributors in South Africa it manages to express the identity of the prohibition days filled with and!, atop a branded food packaging product while others are quite rare to see better word, more functional.!

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