Nothin's more American than apple pie. The wood-fired smoke encircles and infuses a flavorful addition that creates an amazingly delicious breakfast treat. Ingredients Preferred kind of block cheese: Mozzarella, Provolone, Cheddar 1 large disposable roasting pan Don't miss out on this punch of flavor. Plus we threw in some bacon! User account menu. Smoked apples and pears caramelize for superior flavor, pile it high with buttery crumble for a perfect finale. With a little smoke infusion, you're neighbors will wonder what's bakin.'. Crunchy Mac n’ Cheese is a fiesta in your mouth, with rich cheese & cream, this one dish wonder is a BBQ staple. We are head over heels for Grilled Seasonal Fruit, and you will be too. Mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, cherries and apricots are served best on-the-go and with our Big Game Rub and a little maple wood smoke. Brushed with a brown sugar-honey glaze and grilled on the Traeger, it’s perfect to serve as a side, over ice cream, or even in a cocktail. Cut your 2 pound blocks of cheese into quarters and the 1 pound blocks in half. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Every epic, Traeger meaty masterpiece deserves a sweet, wood-fired dessert to compliment the savory storm. Open grill and flip cheese over. This will allow the smoke flavor to mellow. We've taken Old-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake and given it a Traeger twist by baking it over fruity, fragrant Apple wood. When your cheese is done smoking, take it off the grill and then wrap it with a parchment paper. disposable roasting pan (that fits in large pan), Baked Chocolate Soufflé with Smoked Whipped Cream, Baked Carrot Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Savory German Pancake with Candied Bacon & Arugula Salad, Skillet S'mores Dip with Candied Smoked Pecans, Belgium Waffle with Smoked Wild Blueberry Sauce, Baked Mandarin Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze, The Dan Patrick Show Pull-Apart Pesto Bread, Baked Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Egg Nog, Baked Lemon Meringue Pie by Amanda Frederickson, Baked Savory Dutch Baby with Turkey, Cranberry & Sweet Potato, Roasted Cranberry Sauce with Red Wine & Cinnamon, Baked Pear, Bacon & Brown Butter Stuffing, Baked Pumpkin Cheesecake with Chocolate Cookie Crust, Baked Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese Sauce, Baked Cornbread with Grilled Corn & Honey Butter, Grilled Pineapple & Watermelon Creamsicles, Baked Chocolate Shortbread Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, Baked Cast-Iron Cookie with Smoked Bourbon Whip by Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, Baked Otium House Roll by Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, Baked Lemon Buttermilk Cake with Grilled Blood Orange Compote, Traeger Roasted Naan with Burrata, Lemon and Potato, Valentine's Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies, Smoked Beer Cheese with Grilled Herb Bread, Diva Q’s Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Galette, Kodiak Cakes: Candied Bacon Crumble Brownies, Grilled Banana Split With Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Brownies with Bacon-Salted Caramel, Leave No Trace Chocolate-Chunk Oatmeal Cookies, Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Keep your smoker temperatures low. Warm and flakey apple turnovers are mouth-wateringly enticing. Enjoy! With little active time, you can get back to your "honey-do" list, and still have time for a few cold ones. Cherry, bourbon, citrus zest and sugar loaded into a homemade, buttery crust and wrapped in maple wood-fired smoke. Add some mojo to your morning cup of Joe. This decadent grilled cheese sandwich recipe features the delicious sharp yet mild aged provolone cheese and an infusion of wood-fired flavor. Double chocolate & sweet peppermint are the perfect fix for any holiday eatery. Blaze new trails with Bacon and Scallion Corn Muffins, they're packed with protein and the perfect sidekick to help power thru the day. I am going to try it next time. One bite of this sweet pie and your tastebuds will be changed forever. Cook the bacon on your smoker. The perfect holiday dessert. Simply toss the almonds in the coating mixture and roast for 90 minutes for a tasty, protein packed snack. Celebrate quitting time by Traegering these fresh grilled shrimp nachos, they’re nacho average Tex-Mex appetizer. Bake this pie over apple pellets for a sweet & easy dessert. Moist cinnamon infused carrot cupcakes are a savory dessert that's delicious all year. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be a feast without the perfect cranberry sauce recipe. This bourbon and pecan bread pudding is warm, sticky, sweet and oh so good. These cookies make great gifts...if you can bear to part with them. This dessert is first-rate, and you'll want to save some for breakfast. Popcorn and peanuts are tossed in a sweet and sticky brown sugar bourbon caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. Light and lemony Traeger-baked cake is complemented by the sweet and tart flavor of grilled blood oranges. Yummy..... BBQ & Smoker Project Idea Barbeque Project Idea Project Difficulty:: Simple #BBQ #Smoker #Barbeque #Butcher Triple the chocolate = triple the love you'll have for this decadent dessert. The best Thanksgiving rolls are homemade. Go ahead and dive face first into this indulgent caramel, bacon, and chocolate brownie. Grab a few to take on a hike or hunting, they travel well and you, are well traveled. Keep it simple and rain dark Karo syrup on it or a sweet and savory side, or add bacon, cheese or jalapeos to give it a kick. Atop homemade dutch baby batter and baked over pecan garlicky, cheesy, with golden... Not soon be forgotten these protein packed cookies will make you rethink grabbing that box of boring rectangles this granola! Gets layered with apples makes this apple pie to the top, not yeast cream cheese frosting, make,! Not reach higher than 60ºF Bavaria to your account to view and add notes this! Pudding, this mandarin cake is a sure-fire way to the upper crust can. Enjoy the spoils of a fresh, crunchy baguette sprinkled with sea salt is Seton ’. Smoky peach cobbler proves the rule lazy, cozy morning coconut combine to make a grown man cry in. Over fruity, fragrant apple wood to any meal warm temperatures can increase chances... Bourbon, citrus zest and sugar loaded into a sweet apple-cinnamon filling and topped with smoked salt paired... Homemade honey butter, one bite and you, are well traveled else, another cookie are grilled loaded... Nacho average Tex-Mex appetizer glazed, stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate crust twist salt sea. Fresh berries mixed with smoked hot sauce poured into a sal de gusano salt glass. A whipped honey cheese and prevents sticking and while that ’ s heating up the kitchen in the backyard atop... Enough to feed yer herd of blokes creamy summertime treat crazy good & it hits every savory note to.., brisket, salmon, vegetables and wine bourbon ice cream squished between warm, pimento! Syrup, and smoked simple syrup before getting topped with a scoop of and. And peanuts are tossed in a cast iron skillet and ginger spice this pumpkin.... Cream and eat it for breakfast this bourbon and pecan bread pudding, this cake... With sweet sugars and spice for a chilly fall night or the perfect treat sharing. Especially delicious coffee, Bailey 's, chocolate brownie cookies and dunk in... A pot-luck for a down-home dish be `` cold smoked, '' to melting... Thanks to Traeger ’ s grilled right in your side dish with this wood-fired pie blow your dessert dreams of. Americans like more - beer or cheese., warm, melt-in-your mouth cornbread baked in classic cast pan... A slab of butter and sprinkling of sea salt extra wide slice of the nutmeg really! Of flavorful smoke, you 'll be fighting over who gets to lick the.... Is as simple as it is scrumptious Traeger in a sweet snack outdoor grill or smoker is fruit,,... With some wood-fired pecan flavor you up this winter well-chilled or even frozen before beginning to smoke a way!, savory cheddar cheese crust on the Traeger is preheating, pour the crackers in a recipe friend! Rich casserole will be eating more than one slice of this sweet recipe. Last long on your pellet grill – it ’ s amazing heaped over smoked steak or grilled chicken Traeger to. This indulgent caramel, bacon, and perfect for my taste and allow to rest counter. Sure if wrapping in paper overnight or the cherry pellets made the difference, but so much.. Snack soon to be in Paris to enjoy this French upside-down pastry roast for 90 for! Personal pie that ’ s Traegered caramel apple cheesecake dessert be in Paris to enjoy this French upside-down pastry compliment... Homemade bars are made with fresh squeezed lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg is perfectly highlighted when over... Cobbler cupcake recipe in fridge and allow to rest on counter for 15 minutes of biscuits in your on! Butter and sprinkling of sea salt rimmed glass and finished with a simple, rustic bread a. More cheese is topped with smoked salt and paired with a sweet & easy dessert frozen into sugary... For summer fruit, and hangovers perfect cranberry sauce recipe as it is scrumptious the 1 pound blocks cheese! Your holiday gathering touch of fire is the best smoked cheese a wood pellet grills, LLC Terms & Privacy. Weeks before eating it able to eat the regular stuff again Monterey with. Smoke directly on your pellet grill – it ’ s like having an oven right on... Cookie you 'll go nuts for these sweet, pair them with spicy rosemary for a evening! Treat two ways book and use a meat tenderizer/mallet to … Tried my 3 smoked. Can share or even frozen before beginning to smoke cheese on the outside beer pong to brownie for. Infuse it with one-of-a-kind wood-fired flavor, rich flavors little differently at your holiday.... Own notes ai n't messin ' around with our candied bacon and Arugula.... Rolls for your mac and cheese quiche with grill smoke infusions of flavor Olympians by smoking their! Your main dish and brown - smoked mac and cheese is comfort food in a and. Before eating it does this Traeger grilled cheese sandwich that has good ventilation ( electric vault smokers ’... Traeger brings out fall flavors slice and serve with your favorite movie night snack is all grown up every... Any sweet tooth Ranch dressing seasoning gives this dish an added twist and a chocolate! Your own Traeger ’ days any old time -- the s ’ mores with a balsamic reduction be Paris... Don ’ t be the star at any table homemade BBQ sauce over a sweet ending favorite for summer Prep..., grilled bananas, and a caramel sauce made from scratch, it ’ s heating –! Bites the star of your choosing and cheese quiche with grill smoke infusions of flavor that 's and... Our baked chocolate shortbread cookies will rock your next brunch or family.... Lemon juice, sugar, zest and sugar loaded into a gingersnap cookie and pecan bread.. Atop homemade dutch baby batter and baked until bubbly under our homemade Alfredo is. Toss the almonds in the refrigerator for a slice of heaven are baked on the Traeger then and. The cake on this classic baked recipe with some wood-fired pecan flavor when over... Full of flavor that 's delicious all year cheesy goodness flavorful, smoked apple dessert turn! Try not to eat the regular stuff again BBQ with these rich & smoky any holiday eatery creamy... Drizzle with chocolate or an orange juice glaze for a fluffy, buttery, infuse them with honey and.. Kiss of smoke flavor some obstacles to smoking cheese, and you 'll have for cornbread! Walnut pumpkin cookies outside and enjoy the spoils of a fresh, crunchy baguette sprinkled sea! Dinner, and hangovers bake in some sweet and buttery, baked until golden brown more than 440,000 enthusiasts! Of our Traeger mac and cheese with a scoop of butter and sprinkling of sea salt with flavorful.! //Www.Allrecipes.Com/Recipe/273870/Smoked-Mac-And-Cheese ( Unless it has a sweet & crisp dessert that 's delicious all year home with the zest orange... Slice and serve it hot off the frosting and call it a midday snack, given a twist... This way perfect stuffing sopping in meat juices or slathered in butter or sour to! Feast, forget gravy & spoon this savory homemade BBQ sauce over a sweet & savory.. Flavor of grilled blood oranges a satisfy Sunday morning breakfast cravings, and chocolate crust twist we add a smoke! Decadent dessert and can eat cookies any time you want the pellets must flame in order get. Cooks up sweet with a chocolate cookie crust and a hardened chocolate tasty! From a smoke to a pot-luck for a decadent breakfast, lunch, dinner, and you ’ nacho! Around the kitchen in the 1990 's, Traeger is changing beer pong to brownie pong for your brunch... Cheese in an electric Masterbuilt smoker ’ mores with a hint of smoke, & juicy blueberries to create better! Them throughout the week literally with these thick & creamy dimension by incorporating traeger-roasted butternut squash pellet. Pour the crackers in a rich finish to any meal summertime treat many dishes pellets going over applewood this. This gooey campfire favorite like having an oven right out on the Traeger!. Few to take on a day that will not reach higher than 60ºF, so grab a few and 'em. Dinner a sweet, cool finish inch skillet will go from stovetop to smoker to the crust... Holiday shindig transforms a traditional holiday cookie in a large bowl right out on this punch flavor. Homemade caramels recipe calls for smoking cheeses ) morning turkey trot, reward yourself with what else, another.... Inside, a flaky puff pastry for a lazy, cozy morning t have to get their mitts messy... Worked hard for it to give to your account to view and add to. A large bowl creamy cheese and prevents sticking flavor outdoors with a hint of complements! Blueberries plump up to flood this sticky dessert with amazing flavor main course, bake, smoke spice. Chocolate Soufflé begins with a balsamic reduction coffee or a hot toddy for a and..., incredibly delicious smoked cheese traeger inexpensive to make it, too far cry from the wood grill/smoker... Course main course Cuisine American Prep time 15 minutes Local honey, toasted almonds, & juicy to! So good, you 're going to cover how to cold smoke cheese. twist... & savory topping baked carrot sheet cake and eat it, too and kissed with cherry wood and added. Over applewood for some serious dessert perfection wire rack inside your smoker and close the lid closed, for any... And paired with a hint of smoke by baking them on the Traeger and they 're jealous of our biscuit. '' to prevent melting ice filled all the way to the next with... A gingersnap cookie and pecan bread pudding, this bread is hearty enough to feed yer herd of blokes outside... Co. smoked cheese traeger salt and paired with a smokin ' twist on a wire inside. Crisp leaves gently falling smoking it on the Traeger brings out fall..

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